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Input your data and find out how much your could borrow and your estimated monthly repayments with Your Mortgage Group’s mortgage calculator.


How much can I borrow?

Find out how much you could borrow, whether you’re a first-time buyer, remortgaging or a home mover. This UK mortgage calculator can help you visualise how much you can afford for your monthly mortgage repayments based on your individual financial situation. To make things easier, the best place to start is by getting advice from an expert mortgage broker who can help you explore your options and find the best mortgage for your circumstances.

The amount that you can borrow depends on many factors including your salary, credit score and spending habits (such as phone contracts, financing, overdrafts and loans, not your weekly shopping!). This is because the more outgoings you have each month, the less you can afford to pay back. 

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The Your Mortgage Group Calculator

Important Information

This information is computer-generated and relies on the data that you input. It has only been designed to give a useful general indication of costs.

It’s important you always get a specific quote from the lender and double-check the price yourself before acting on this information. We cannot accept responsibility for any errors.

Mortgage advice

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